Tips for Men… be Men

We shall all stay to be different from another. But someone can categorize a person words by another past reaction. We should by no means assume the bad in someone just because that’ s all you already been use to. This goes to say that almost all men are definitely not the same.

There are some good men out there in this world that’ s awaiting a chance to show his worth to some woman as well. Men, never let your pride blind your eyes from what you need to realize. A good female now is hard to come by. Pain can change an individual mentally and emotionally also.

I’ meters not saying a lot of my females out there has given up. But some offers indeed build a huge wall to safely guard up. This will either keep you from her every being or keep you very busy making a woman trust, loyalty and regard. Don’ t assume for all females to be soft, toughness follows through the power of strength. Don’ to assume all women to be simple, giving in so quickly just shows insecurities and a urge for some desperate attention.

Yes, you should be gentle toward a woman, fragile sometimes she could be. Understand the meaning of a solid conversation. Seek understanding through every aspect of the relationship. It’ s easy to argue about a dispute when no communication or understatement starts in the beginning.

Don’ t leave from her when she requirements you the most. Embrace her with full compassion. Never settle for a quick lie only to cover up with more lies. Try to maintain honesty among your self before you can with another. Be in a committed relationship with GOD and yourself first before you walk into somebody else life. Know what and who you would like before you assume what or which you need.

Before you raise your fist toward a woman, just imagine another doing the same towards your mother or daughter(s). By no means play with a woman’ s feelings. That’ s like jumping into a fire without no water. The reason why say, “ I love you” with out no meaning to follow. Mean that which you say with actions to back again your words.

It takes a honest guy to acknowledge his truth. It takes a strong man to acknowledge their weakness. It takes a loyal guy to always honor what/who he might cherish. It takes a committed guy to fully understand the term commitment without deceiving. But also to learn from their mistakes, that we all seem to create. It takes a man to become a man, but never in disguise. Give a great loyal woman a chance. But being a man is all in your hands.

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  • Alun J:

    i’ve been reading a lot of the answers from people here about tipping the pizza man. Most think that the Drivers get paid a lot + the delivery fee. The answer is NO!!! i’m a part-time pizza delivery too. just for you know, the drivers get paid below minimum wage, drive own car. With the high gas prices, pls tip them. Please understand that the job is not easy. here are some example that drivers have to deal with..
    -Hot during summertime,
    -people dont know their own address, make drivers have to look for it, and mad at driver for being late.(espically Apartment)
    -people don’t turn their’s lights on at night,( for the safety, pls turn your light on, we got robed all the times)
    -pls dont get mad if drivers ask for your ID or Crdit card- it’s the policy that drivers have to follow.
    -don’t get mad if arrived more than 30 mins.(during dinner time or party night)- one thing always on driver’s mind is 30mins and hot pizza to customer.
    too much to say, pls tip the man, be understanding..

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